Outdoor Items

If your stay is with in 2 weeks of today's date, please call us at 1-800-287-1990 to place a last minute order. Looking to rent less than a week? Please call us to check on last minute daily availability.
All prices include sales tax. Delivery and pick up are free within Holden Beach city limits!

Beach Chair

This 5-position chair will help you relax while keeping your derriere sand free...well, almost. If you are completely sand-free at the beach, you are not having enough fun.

$15.00 /WK
$5.00 /Day

Folding Wooden Lounge Chair

Folding 3-position wooden lounge chair with comfy canvas sling for your relaxation needs. The comfort of this chair along with the sound of the ocean will lull you to sleep. So, plenty of sunblock for you!

$20.00 /WK
$6.00 /Day


Umbrella 7 1/2 ft across with sand anchor offers refreshing shade from the bright sunny days you will have. But, don’t forget to use sunscreen.

$40.00 /WK
$15.00 /Day
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